Dr. Benjamin Chimukangara and Dr. Thulile Nhlapo, two recent PhD graduates that work at BioDurban and KRISP were selected to participate in the  2019 7th Annual Training Course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship from SPARK Global.

The Goal of the course is to train students to develop skills in design thinking, brainstorming, product development, and commercialization for unmet medical needs and to become more creative, innovative and savvy in translational research in the Biomedical Sciences. This course is taught through lectures, group work and presentations.

Above from left: Dr. Benjamin Chimukangara and Dr. Thulile Nhlapo from BioDurban and KRISP will spend 16 days in Australia to attend the SPARK Global Annual Training in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Picture of last year course in Berlin, 2018. Bottom, UTS – University Technology Sidney will host this year workshop.l